Project Liberty Pole


To protest the incursion of religion into the public forum, RLP erects rainbow Festivus poles at state capitols across the U.S.

From a base in south Florida, we thumb our proverbial nose at religiosity through ridicule and mockery by displaying Festivus poles in public spaces to protest religious symbols on display during the holidays.


In 2013, we erected a Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole in the Florida Capitol rotunda.

In 2015, now wrapped in the colors of gay pride, our efforts spanned coast to coast, with displays in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Washington, and Oklahoma.


Media coverage is extensive, pervasive, and sbi net banking international.

2016 Goal

Nothing short than 50 in 50 … a gay pride Festivus pole in every state of the Union.

We like to think of this as “The Erections Everywhere Event.”


Having learned from 2015, rolling out 50/50 poles will be a very daunting task.

Challenges include:

  • Understanding and complying with local rules for installing a display (Arkansas’ requirements, which we failed, are four pages long)
  • Locating and working with 50 different install teams
  • Building and shipping 50 6-foot tall, disco balled topped Festivus Poles
  • Handling the ensuing media frenzy

Fundraising Needs

This year’s campaign will begin August 1st and run through August 31st.

Our number one goal this year is to raise $25,000, which will allow us to erect 50 in 50.

Last year, we raised around $3,000, so although this year’s goal is aggressive, our mature marketing and media sbi net banking strategy make it possible.

The Religious Liberty Project is an advocacy organization dedicated to protecting and promoting freedom of speech and religion, especially the separation of Church and State.

The Religious Liberty Project believes in equal rights for all, with a focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights.