2015 Gay Pride Festivus Pole Deerfield Beach

First Arkansas, now Texas next stop for Gay Pride Festivus Pole?

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[Editor’s Note: With our play in Arkansas well underway, we turn our attention to Texas.]

This evening, we sent the following email to the Texas State Preservation Board, the very folks who will approve our holiday display inside the State Capitol.


My name is Chaz Stevens, Executive Director of The Humanity Fund.

I am seeking information regarding installation of our 2015 Gay Pride Festivus Pole inside the State Capitol.  We’d like the pole’s erection to near the Baby Jesus … as you never know, the little one might want to dance the night away!

The 2015 Gay Pride Festivus Pole is approximately 6’6” tall, painted with purple-glitter, covered in the rainbow colors of diversity, and topped with an 8” disco ball. There are no moving parts, no power requirements, but plenty of opportunities to Air One’s Grievances.

I’m including a couple of links to get you folks up to speed, just in case you dialed in from another galaxy (here, here, here, here, and here).

And, for your edification, here are a few pictures of the pole in action. *

Yeah, it’s pretty gay looking! Ain’t that the coolest?

I’m expecting my application to be accepted in short order, otherwise I’m gonna have some problems with you people!


Happy Festivus, see you soon!

Well then, isn’t that just special? Wait, we’re missing something … oh yeah, time to loop GOP presidential candidate Ted “Hate Dem Gays” Cruz into the loop with this email.

Mr. Cruz;

Wonder if you caught the article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

An out-of-state advocacy organization said Tuesday that it is seeking permission to temporarily place a “Gay Pride Festivus Pole” on state Capitol grounds in Little Rock.

In the application, Chaz Stevens, executive director of The Humanity Fund, based in Boca Raton, Fla., outlined plans for a disco ball 8 inches in diameter atop a 6-foot-tall pole that would be “wrapped in the colors of the rainbow.”

In addition, I’ve applied to the State of Texas to install our 2015 Gay Pride Festivus Pole inside the State Capitol, erected near the Baby Jesus … as you never know, the little one might want to dance the night away!

Wonder if you have any comment for the record.

* [Editor’s Note: please note those pictures are copyrighted, and we ask that you seek permission, or give proper attribution.]

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