A Forest of Festivus Poles

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Our elves around town have been busy, supplying us with valuable intel, informing HQ when they spot a manger on public property.


Finding mangers in Hollywood, we fired this letter off to those in charge.

Mr. Ishmael
City Manager


Is it you, or is it beginning to feel a lot like PBR Festivus Pole?

The staff at MAOS (myactsofsedition.com) would like to donate an official Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole to the City of Hollywood.

As everyone knows, last year’s Festivus Pole, proudly erected in the Florida State Capitol Rotunda, caused quite the international sensation and its coverage was featured on Fox News, the Colbert Report, Daily Show, and by hundreds of news outlets, including Time Magazine, the Washington Post, and the New Yorker.

With this donation, moving forward the City of Hollywood can erect my pole and proclaim the start of the holiday season! We’d suggest the erection last longer than four hours … perhaps say from the beginning of December to New Years. We just kindly ask you plant the PBR Festivus Pole close to the Baby Jesus Motel 6 manger — both on public property — in case the little tyke needs a cold frosty one during those long lonely nights.

Get ready for the airing of grievances and feats of strength.


We also sent along one to Plantation.

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