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AJC: Just in time for the session: A ‘tolerance and love’ display is coming to Gold Dome

Staff Equal Love Initiative, Press

The Florida activist behind the push to bring the Festivus pole to the Georgia Capitol last month is back with a proposed display for “tolerance and love” timed for the start of the legislative session.

The Georgia Building Authority on Monday approved Chaz Stevens’ request for a display that he said would “push back on intolerance and hate” and send a message to lawmakers who are set to consider the latest incarnation of the religious liberty proposal.

It will be hoisted in the Capitol on Jan. 11 – the same day legislators return for 40 days of lawmaking.

“As a white, heterosexual male, I’ve been a life-long ally to the gay community,” he wrote in a fundraising appeal. “I firmly believe in the right to love and marry whom you want, as I’ve learned, love is something to be respected and admired, not banished to the fringes.”

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