Arkansas Blog: A rainbow festivus pole for the Capitol?

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I learn from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
that a Florida group called The Humanity Fund has asked Secretary of State Mark Martin for permission to erect a festivus pole symbolizing gay pride as a temporary Capitol grounds display along with the Nativity scene and the solstice display.

The six-foot pole wrapped in colors of the rainbow (Pabst beer cans made the internal structure for a similar display in Florida) would be topped with a disco ball. No word yet on the secretary of state’s reaction to the request. There are rules for temporary displays and some discretion is granted to prohibit displays that are deemed to be “unsafe, of a permanent nature, disruptive to the ordinary course of business for the state Capitol grounds, destructive to the state Capitol grounds or goes beyond the limits of free speech given by the U.S. Constitution.

Read the rest of the story here.

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