Chaz’s New Festivus Pole Has A Gay Pride Theme

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Activist blogger Chaz Stevens’ Festivus poll in the state Capitol next month will have a gay theme.

In previous years, Stevens put a simple stack of 16 Pabst Blue Ribbon cans to poke fun at the religious symbols adorning the Capitol. Stevens is an outspoken atheist.

The Festivus pole was introduced as a joke on the Seinfeld TV show.

This year, Stevens will wrap his beer cans in gay pride colors. Topping the pole will be a crystal disco ball.

Readers of Stevens’ My Acts of Sedition blog might think the blogger is a wild man. That’s because the blog features pictures of office holders with penises draw on their faces and a generous sprinkling of the word “fuck”.

But Stevens — who exposes government waste and wrong doing on his website — isn’t who you think he is.

Check him out below calmly discussing his latest gay pride festivus pole. There isn’t one curse word on the video.

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