Chaz on Broadway? It was really only a matter of time. *

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A few weeks ago, Danielle Chu, a wonderful young lady calling on behalf of The Civilians, a NYC-based investigative theater production group, fired an email our way, wondering if we’d be interested in offering “a personal, irreverent, and interesting take on how you understand the holiday season and the month of December that our audience would enjoy hearing about.”

Chu’s organization, The Civilians, is an “artist-led company, creating and producing new theater and pursues our artistic mission through programs serving artists and the public. The company‚Äôs work is grounded in investigative theater, an artistic practice rooted in the process of creative inquiry.”

You see friends, for one day this glorious winter, December 8th, 2015 to be exact, the Beer Can Festivus Pole’s story will come to life at Joe’s Pub.

“Oh, come on now,” said the Casual Reader. “Joe’s Pub”?

Yeah, I thought the same thing … and a bit of research clued me in … Joe’s Pub is actually the real deal … lots of high-end folks have performed on their stage (Lady Gaga, David Byrne, Anne Hathaway, Elvis Costello, Amy Schumer, Amy Winehouse, and now Chaz Stevens!)

Well, an actor playing the part of Chaz Stevens, and hopefully Ms. Chu was nice enough to pass along my suggestion that a youngish Antonio Banderas be cast for my role … and not Mr. Smithers.

The production, LET ME ASCERTAIN YOU: War on Christmas, is an “evening of verbatim interview excerpts and new music that gives voice to diverse cultural and religious minorities in America, focusing on their experiences and responses to the commercialization of Christmas.”

I am still cracking the fuck up as I write this … who, in their right mind, would have ever imagined?

It’s a goddamn Festivus Miracle, I’m telling you.

But wait, it gets better!

Our offer to send a full-scale, full-blown, seven-foot tall, purple-glitter painted, rainbow gay inspired, queer as a three-dollar bill, disco-ball glowing Gay Pride Festivus Pole for the production was accepted with a hearty “oh, hell yeah!”

[Editor’s Note: Or words to that effect.]

Seriously, this story just gets funnier and funnier.

As it turns out, a life-event of this magnitude is too good to pass up, so the build team (Tommy Wright) and I will be journeying to the great white north to see our story, and that glorious Fully Erected Gay Festivus Pole of ours, in action!

For those who wish to join in with the Festivus festivities, tickets are on sale here.

* Well, not quite Broadway, more like Public Theater in New York City.

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