City of Lake Worth has clearly violated my Civil Rights.

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About a year ago, I asked the City of Lake Worth permission to perform a Satanic Invocation before a regular City Commission meeting.

After being ignored, and only after I amped up my vaunted Annoyance Generating Email Technology, the swarmy City Manager, Michael Bornstein, indicated invocations were coming to an end … in fact, he was going to give the last invocation from the dais.

Ok, mission accomplished I thought — so then, imagine my civil-rights violated chagrin to learn invocations have continued unabated.

What the fuck?  Do you people think I’m screwing around?

A year later, I ask to be placed back on the invocation rotation. Once again, my request was ignored.

Fuck you, I am going to sue your goddamn ass for violating my civil rights guaranteed under the 14th Amendment.

Earlier today, my lawyer informs the City of Lake Worth:

Approximately one year ago our client requested to be placed in the rotation for invocations. He was subsequently advised by the City Manager that his request was a moot issue as the commission was terminating invocations; obviously that is and was not the case. As the invocations have continued and my clients request was entirely ignored, it would appear that the city has and continues to violate his civil rights.

Based upon the existing one-year delay, absent an immediate assurance to the contrary, it would appear the city is engaging in a willful ongoing violation for which our client may already have a cause of action. The city has had more than ample opportunity to research and review legal issues that have become weekly topics in local and national news. This letter represents the last and only opportunity for the city to cure this issue.

Game on fuckers.

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