City of Lake Worth's denial of my Invocation Request

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Sent via Electronic Mail Only

City Attorney Glen J. Torcivia
City of Lake Worth
7 North Dixie Highway
Lake Worth, FL 33460

RE: Chaz Stevens’ Invocation Request

Dear Mr. Torcivia;

We have reviewed your letter dated October 21, 2015, regarding our client’s ongoing request to
perform an invocation; contrary to your optimism and belief, we view this matter as far from resolved.
Over a year ago, City Manager Michael Bornstein’s assertion that invocations were being abandoned
essentially “shut down” my client’s request. Contrary to your suggestion, my client’s request, though
treated as moot based on Mr. Bornstein’s representation, was never withdrawn.

Indeed, invocations continued unabated, thereby causing what we perceive as an ongoing and
egregious civil rights violation that flies in the face of existing law. The City ignored my client’s first request, and his second request recently denied, is allegedly rendered moot again, based solely upon
your suggestion that invocations will again be abandoned. History has proven that such suggestions
may lack accuracy.

Although my client may not be allowed the opportunity to give an invocation based on the alleged
abandonment of the practice in the coming months, this does not un-ring the discrimination bell. His
original request to perform an invocation was denied via subterfuge and/or misinformation, while
other individuals were granted the invocation opportunity and my client’s request and rights were
swept under the carpet. The funny part about sweeping an issue under the carpet is that it doesn’t get
rid of the problem, it merely creates a lump on the floor that one hopes goes unnoticed. Inevitably, the
problem must be addressed.

I believe it is fair to allege that my client was deliberately mislead, his civil rights violated, and he has been subjected to discrimination by the City of Lake Worth. But for a discriminatory practice, my client would have been properly inserted into the invocation schedule during the past year based on his then existing request.

Just as we have begun extensive research into the civil rights implications of the City’s actions, I believe it is entirely appropriate to suggest that the City of Lake Worth immediately evaluate its exposure in this matter and determine how to best resolve the damage done. As iterated in the beginning of this letter, we view this matter as far from resolved.

Very truly yours,
Thomas H. Wright III

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