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Hardly anybody goes to commission meetings in South Florida, unless they’ve got a particular issue to gripe about.

For those who do show up, elected officials shouldn’t be making them uncomfortable.

That’s what religious invocations do – make people uncomfortable.

No matter who is giving the invocation, you are going to upset some people or make them uncomfortable or make them walk out. Why do it?

No commission meetings should have religious invocations.  Let elected officials concentrate on the issues they were elected to handle.

The Constitution talks about separation of church and state. Let’s keep it that way.

Keep religion in your home, or your house of worship.

Don’t shove it down the throats of people who take the time to go to a commission meeting to hear how their tax money is being spent, or to hear how many police are being hired, or what roads are being fixes.

That’s what commission meetings are about.

I give Chaz Stevens credit. He’s the South Florida guy who has said he is a “minion to Satan,” and wants to get invocation time.

He really doesn’t, but he’s making a point.

You allow one religion to speak,  you have to allow them all. Even Satanists.

Several cities have dropped invocations rather than letting Stevens speak. Lighthouse Point has scheduled him for next July 12.


But it would be better to allow NO invocation, period.

What do you think? Should commission meetings have religious invocations?

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