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Fox News OKC: Gay Pride "Festivus" Pole to be displayed at Oklahoma State Capitol

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A different spin on Christmas is coming to the Oklahoma State Capitol. It’s being called “A Festivus Gay Pride Pole,” and it will be front and center in just a matter of days. “Seinfeld” fans know the “Festivus” holiday, it’s marked two days before Christmas on December 23rd. Now, a group from Florida is using the television holiday for a controversial cause.

Florida activist, Chaz Stevens is taking the idea from Seinfeld, and using an aluminum “Festivus” pole, jazzing it up, and displaying the poles at State Capitols around the nation. One, will be right here in Oklahoma City. The poles have a powerful message.

“We are an advocacy organization promoting the separation of church and state with a focus on LGBT rights,” says Stevens.

And, the pole will look as bold as it’s message.

“It’s 6 feet 6 inches tall it’s topped with an 8 inch disco ball and then the color of gay pride to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness,” says Stevens.

Not every state has been on board, after applying and getting denied the right to place the pole at the Arkansas State Capitol. Steven’s was approved however, here in Oklahoma, it’s set to go inside the first floor rotunda.

This comes just over two months after the 10 Commandment statue was removed from Capitol Grounds

“Out with the 10 commandments in with the gay pride Festivus pole so I imagine there’s going to be a certain segment of your audience that is going to be a little pissed and that’s okay,” says Stevens.

The pole will be on display December 23rd from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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