MAOS kills the City of Lake Worth invocation.

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Looks like the City of Lake Worth decides to take the easy (right) way out … they’re going to swap out some Hail Mary’s with a moment of silence.

Who’s next?

PS We gathered some of the more righteous emails that flowed into City Hall. Folks were concerned about Satin, yes Satin.

They also opined our First Amendmnent right was “God given,” yet don’t let anyone say anything bad about their particular flavor of God.

Oh and the City Clerk, Pamela Lopez, worries that atheists such as myself lack a “divine spirit.”


From: Michael Bornstein
To: Pamela Lopez Date: Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 1:36:39 PM
Subject: RE: Satanic Invocation Yo!

I am working with Glen to get a revision of the agenda to include a moment of silence instead of an invocation. I will provide the final invocation hopefully the first mee7ng in January. Of course it will be a pirate prayer…

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