New Times: Pompano's Exclusion of Satanic Invocations Challenged by the Freedom from Religion Foundation

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The Freedom from Religion Foundation has challenged the City of Pompano Beach’s recent resolution that keeps Satanists and atheists from giving invocations and prayers before their commission meetings. In a letter addressed to Mayor Lamar Fisher, the foundation’s attorney Andrew Seidel calls the resolution unconstitutional, and a violation of a Supreme Court ruling, as well as discriminatory.

The resolution, which was passed on Tuesday, puts limits on who can give invocations to only established churches found in the Yellow Pages, certified clergy and the Internal Revenue Service’s definition of a nonprofit group. The resolution was prompted, in part, over atheist activist Chaz Stevens, who requested a spot to perform a Satanic invocation at a future commission meeting two months ago.

Stevens was inspired to put in a request for a Satanic invocation in every city throughout the state after an incident last year when commissioners and the mayor in Lake Worth walked out on an atheist invocation before one of their meetings.

Read the entire story here.

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