The Equal Love Initiative


If Georgia officials have their way, legislation will soon be enacted specifically designed to target the LGBT community.

However, It’s much more troubling than ‘just that’ … read on to learn why.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Senate Bill 129 would protect Georgians, including public employees, who maintain that marriage can only occur between a man and a woman — and act accordingly.


The Equal Love Initiative began in January, 2016.

Our first project was to erect an Equal Love Initiative Sonic Plum Heart in the Georgia State Capitol rotunda.


Our efforts have been critically acclaimed.

2016 Goal

With various states proposing similar legislation, we intend to raise awareness to the issue at the individual state level.

Next stop is Alabama.


Staying current with the ever changing legal landscape, we’ll face similar challenges to our Festivus Pole.

  • Understanding and complying with local rules for installing a display (Arkansas’ requirements, which we failed, are four pages long)
  • Locating and working with local install teams
  • Or, travel onsite to perform the work ourselves

Fundraising Needs

Given the fluid nature of this issue, the campaign will begin ongoing.

Our goal this year is to raise $5,000.