In None We Trust


Arguing for separation of church and state, RLP has made it a mission to end prayer at public meetings. We believe a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that determined prayer is allowed at government meetings provided it applies to all religions, including Satanism.

We plan to take our crusade for an “In Satan We Trust” plaque to cities that have mounted “In God We Trust” plaques on government property.


This project launched in 2016, with request made to Hallandale Beach, FL and Doral, FL.


Media coverage has been critically acclaimed.

2016 Goal

In 2016, we have very lofty goals.

Our best guess indicates there are over 500 cities that display “In God We Trust” on taxpayer-owned assets. We’d like to petition 150 municipalities.


Having learned from 2015, addressing 150 cities will be a very daunting task.

Challenges include:

  • Engaging local civic leaders
  • Working with our legal team, petition each municipality to display our “In Satan We Trust” placard.
  • Locating and managing field teams
  • Building and shipping placards and/or Petrine crosses

Fundraising Needs

This year’s campaign will begin ongoing.

Our goal will be to raise $25,000.