Private polling and sharing the results?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Broward State Attorney Office
201 Southeast 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Attention: Timothy Donnelly, Assistant State Attorney
Public Corruption Unit

RE: Criminal Complaint Against Dania Beach City Attorney Tom Ansbro

Mr. Donnelly:

Recently, I requested permission to perform an invocation before a regular meeting of the City of Dania Beach. Due to its Satanic nature, my request was privately discussed among executive staff and the Commission.

At yesterday’s commission meeting, the following took place.

  1. For the past 6 years, the invocation has been offered from the dais, rotating between Commissioner Al Jones and Bobbie Grace, however last night, without explanation, the invocation was skipped.
  2. During final closing comments, Commissioner Walter Duke raised the issue of repealing the invocation, stating City Attorney Tom Ansbro conducted an informal poll.
  3. Ansbro acknowledged his private vote tallying.
  4. The City moved to kill off the invocation.

I allege Ansbro shared those results with Jones and Grace, alerting them to the invocation’s demise. Forewarned, Jones and/or Grace put a stop to the long-standing prayer tradition. Conducted out of the Sunshine, this shady business denied the public’s clear right to know.

Therefore, I hereby file a complaint against Dania Beach City Attorney Tom Ansbro for violating Florida Statute 119.

Timothy “Chaz” Stevens

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