Renting a Twerking Arena in Pompano

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Madam Clerk of Pompano Beach;

Can I get a list of all available rental spaces?  The First Pompano Beach Church of Satan is looking to host our inaugural 4th Annual Twerking For Satan Contest and need a place to hold the event.

We’ll be needing a fairly decent sized place … after all, we expect turnout to be amazing.

As a 501c endeavor (churches are automatically granted that status), will the City provide us with a discount?  Like god, Satan’s not that good with his money — (blow and hookers I’m thinking … and Satan, well, he invests).

Is the Commission chamber available — it’s been for-sale for years, so why not rent it out ?

All this, as you know, our search for our Five Twerking Deacons of Sin — the back up (pun!) band to accompany my Pastoral Invocation before the City Commission.

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