S-S: Commission meetings no place for religion.

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Commission meetings no place for religion
Sun Sentinel Editorial Board

A U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2013 mandates that prayer is allowed at city and county commission meetings provided it applies to all religions, or quasi-religions. With all the various religions and sects in South Florida, trying to accommodate all of them — as mandated by the court — is hardly going to be manageable. When South Florida political activist Chaz Stevens tried to make a point by threatening to sue unless he was allowed to lead a prayer to Satan, the prayers were eliminated.

“My formula is simple,” Stevens told the editorial board. “Satan or silence.”

Stevens isn’t really a devil worshipper. He’s actually an atheist, but his point is well taken.

“Don’t bring your God of that day into government,” he told us. “What value does it have? Why do you need a prayer that would tend to alienate some in the audience? It’s divisive.”

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