Satan and Co. to visit Lighthouse Point.

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It is my intention to offend folks … as I find prayer before the meeting offensive. So, fair is fair, and equal is equal under the color of law.

Like my Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole, if you can think of something more ridiculous than a Satanic Invocation by an Atheist, I’m open to suggestions.

– Chaz Stevens

Satan and I, looking to keep our momentum going in the quest for Separation of Church and State, press forward with this letter to the City of Lighthouse Point (FL).

Madam Clerk;

With the patience of Allah, the understanding of Horus, the love of (ALL HAIL) Satan, and in the spirit of understanding (and equal protection under Federal law), I’m officially requesting to give the opening invocation at the next available Commission meeting.

Rest assured, no chickens or animal sacrifices will be involved in this invocation. However, I’m doing my best to lay in a mariachi band.

Kindly let me know what date works for you.


Chaz Satan Stevens

PS Just to get you up to speed on Festivus, Satan, Satan, Satan, and just this week, I was in Politico.

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