Update: Satan hears a calling to Okaloosa County School Board

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From RawStory’s article “WATCH: Florida school board meeting devolves into chaos as rambunctious Christian protesters disrupt vote”:

At a school board meeting in Okaloosa County, Florida devolved into a noisy, chaotic mess Monday night when a group of clergy began loudly praying, clapping and shouting as the board voted on whether to allow Christian prayers in public schools.

Friendly Atheist blogger Hemant Mehta reported that the board voted 3 to 2 in favor of allowing teachers and administrators to lead students in Christian prayers at school functions.

“Spoiler,” Mehta wrote. “These prayers are illegal.”

Wow… To the bat Satan phone!

via email

To: Okaloosa School Board Superintendent
CC: Entire Board

Good day to you.

Pursuant to the United States Supreme Court ruling City of Greece vs. Galloway, kindly add me to the invocation rotation, where at the very next available opening I’d like to give a Satanic Invocation before a regular Okaloosa School Board meeting.

My invocation will lend gravity to the occasion and reflect values long part of the Nation’s heritage. The invocation will be solemn and respectful in tone, and invite lawmakers to reflect upon shared ideas and common ends.

Did I mention it will also be Satanic?




We just received this prompt reply from the School Board Secretary Teresa Epperson, “Requests to offer the invocation will not be accepted until the procedures have been adopted by the School Board.”

Oh really?

In reply, we emailed Epperson the following:

My many thanks for the prompt reply.

I shall inform Satan. When can we expect these procedures to be adopted?

Also, do you have 220v outlets located in the hall where these meetings take place?

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