Someone nuked the MAOS Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole (Delray Erection)

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Earlier this evening, we learned our Delray Beach erected Festivus pole was vandalized — someone knicked our cans.


In response, we fired this email off to City Manager Terry Stewart:

Someone desecrated my pole.

I demand an investigation, on par with one that would be launched if the manger was whacked. If someone put a hit on Baby Jesus.


The build team has admirably responded to the challenge … they’re hard at work (I’m hearing beer pong)…

Rest assured, this outlandish act won’t stop us, we’ll continue this fight, in the words of Winston Churchill, “that beer is shit.”


We’re going to employ some state-of-the-fart engineering techniques to keep this from happening again.


Now stop for a moment and contemplate this… Imagine if someone chopped down the Menorah. Don’t, for one second, get into the “this is fake, their’s is real.” Cause, well, I have a very hard time telling a fake religion from a real one. (Maybe you’ll be kind enough to clarify for me).

If you want to stand up and help us fight for our collective Constitutional rights, then consider donating to our cause.

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