The Thong Song: Official song of Satan

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To: Pompano Beach City Clerk
via email

Madam Clerk;

One other thought…

Does the Commission chamber offer the ability for a musical accompaniment? I mean, can you really crank it up and rip off the dial?

In the Church of Satan, our religion *requires* us to preach divine harmony via song and dance. Long standing tradition in our church demands this … and normally we find that need sated by Three Twerking Deacons of Sin rejoicing in the glory of Satan to Sisqo’s tune The Thong Song.

Move over John 3:16, stand aside Tim Tebow! For those unfamiliar with revered piece of music, with significant meaning in my religion, here it is (see above).

And may you elected officials find Divine Guidance in fixing those potholes over by the airport.

Let us bow our heads in name of Stan.

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