We ask the Equality House to erect a Rainbow Gay Festivus Pole

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Editor’s Note (from WikiPedia): In 2012, Planting Peace purchased a home across the street from Westboro Baptist Church, an anti-LGBT hate group in Topeka, Kansas. The Westboro Baptist Church is known for extreme ideologies, especially those against gay people. It was headed by Fred Phelps and consists primarily of members of his family; in 2011, the church stated that it had about 40 members. The church is headquartered in a residential neighborhood on the west side of Topeka about three miles (5 km) west of the Kansas State Capitol.

August 20, 2015

Via Electronic Mail: media@plantingpeace.org

Planting Peace
1200 SW Orleans St.
Topeka, KS 66604

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Thomas H. Wright III, Esq., and I represent Timothy “Chaz” Stevens, activist and owner of a rather invective blog, myactsofsedition.com. Since its inception in 2006, MAOS has held truth to power.

In 2013, my client made headline news for provocatively championing the Separation of Church and State, as well as free speech and equal rights for all. His advocacy forced the State of Florida to allow the erection of the 2013 Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole in the Capitol’s rotunda. This event was featured on Fox News, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, WashPo, The New Yorker, and hundreds of other media outlets. For three weeks in the winter of 2013, the pole was both an international sensation to some, and extreme irritant to others.

We could not help but smile.

In 2015, to commemorate the SCOTUS ruling Town of Greece v. Galloway, and to highlight the Orwellian use of “Religious Freedom” to discriminate against Americans receiving government services, Mr. Stevens has decided to focus his advocacy on the Separation of Church and State and LGBT issues, as his team and I are allies to those who are fighting to ensure equal rights for all.

Regardless of race, color, creed, or sexual orientation, we believe everyone is entitled to equal protection under the law.

From a recent New Times Broward/Palm Beach article entitled “Festivus Pole in Florida Capitol: This Year, A “Rainbow Gay Edition,” reporter Chris Joseph writes, “Stevens has decided that this year’s Festivus pole will be a celebration of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage legal across the country. Says Stevens, “It’s the rainbow gay edition. A project we’ve lovingly entitled ‘We’ve Gone Completely Gay!’”

We’ve also created The Humanity Fund, a year-round charitable endeavor that will combat and raise awareness about social injustice through the use of comedy. By building and erecting poles nationwide, and perhaps worldwide, Mr. Stevens intends to crowdfund non-tax deductible support through ongoing Indiegogo projects, with upwards of 80% of our net income earmarked to benefit It Gets Better Project.

This year’s Festivus Season will kick off again in Tallahassee, and then expand from there.

We would like your support by allowing us to ship a 2015 Festivus Pole Rainbow Gay Edition to the Equality House, which we hope you’ll erect this holiday season on the front lawn. The pole, offered free of charge, is yours to keep and to do with as you please.

We ask for nothing in return, and seek merely to be your ally in this very important cause.

If this proposal meets with your approval, please contact me at your leisure, as we would like to issue a joint press release letting everyone know that an “Airing of Grievances” is forthcoming.


Thomas H. Wright III, Esq.

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