We have GO FOR ERECTION in Tallahassee.

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Seems like the 2015 Gay Pride Festivus Pole is GO FOR ERECTION in the Florida Capitol Rotunda.

Write the Florida DMS, “As the applicant and coordinator for this event, we ask that you and others in your organization become familiar with the revised Use of State Property Guidelines which provide the policies and procedures for use, instructions for accessing the property, what is and is not permissible, and obligations you have to secure the space.

Please confirm receipt of this email indicating that you have reviewed the Guidelines and are in compliance with the requirements set forth.

This is your notice to proceed to use the Capitol Plaza Level Rotunda Monday December 21, 2015 through Monday, December 28, 2015 for your Festivus 2015 display.

Please note that pictures, wreaths, props, etc., may not be placed on the Florida Great Seal.  Note that all items must be unloaded from the service drive off of Jefferson Street.”


Florida DMS Reserve State Property Form Response Received

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