Well, quite obviously, Jesus is a homophobe!

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Breaking news coming in from Tallahassee, where Florida Prayer Network’s Pam “Nutcake” Olsen tells the world she won’t be erecting a nativity scene this holiday season.

No erection for Pam & Co.

According to Olsen, “the racial tensions and mass murders, the shootings at the Planned Parenthood and in California — something is very wrong in our country. Let the sound of the Christ child bring hope, joy and peace instead of dissension.”

Pardon me, but where was the voice of that Christ child as the Catholic clergy raped thousands of our children?  How come this Christ child has stood idly by and watched the full-assault on women’s rights and the gay community?

When the Catholic organization pays out $3.9B (billion) since 1950 to settle sexual assault claims, when politicians left and right make decisions based on a voice inside their head, there is indeed “something wrong with our country.”

And the root cause is all religion.

Last year, when Olsen informed MAOS she was going to “pray for me”, I asked her to round up Scarlett Johansson‘s phone number.

No luck yet there.

Therefore, in response to Olsen’s decision to bail out, The Humanity Fund issued a statement of our own.

<< clearing throat >>

Jesus H. Christ, Pam Olsen took the Christ out of Christmas. Guess she wasn’t all that jazzed about a Gay War on Christmas. We’ll be sure to say a prayer for her.

As for the Gay Pride Pole in Tallahassee, our intention is still ALL GO FOR ERECTION.

You see friends, the 2015 Gay Pride Festivus Pole is more than just a counter point to a nativity scene (church/state separation).  It is SO MUCH more than Olsen’s silliness.

It’s about saying it’s okay to be gay. It’s okay to love whoever you want. And it’s not okay to bully someone because of their sexual identity.

I’m white, male, and heterosexual (aka a privileged American), a lifelong ally to the gay community, and I want to give a voice to those who don’t have one.

You don’t have to be gay to be an advocate for gay rights.  I’m not a dame, but I strongly believe in womens right.  Nor am I a dog, yet you’ll find me a staunch animal rights supporter.

Our Gay Pride Festivus Pole is a jubilant, may I say happy and gay, celebration of SCOTUS’ recent ruling regarding same sex marriage. Also, at the same time, we’re raising awareness to the problem of young LGBTQ men and women who are bullied and harassed.

Finally, as always, the Gay Pride Festivus Pole represents a great opportunity to air some grievances.

We’re also THISCLOSE to being approved in Lansing, Michigan (State Capitol grounds) and a few other states in the works.

(more about that shortly).

In summation, suck our pole Pam.

Oh, and please donate.

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