Weston, Cooper City, and Tamarac have no invocation. N. Lauderdale ponders.

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Furthering our request for a Satanic invocation before a city commission meeting, we received the following updates:

From Weston, Patty Bates, the City Clerk writes, “In response to your request to give an invocation at an upcoming Commission meeting, the City of Weston does not have an invocation at City Commission Meetings. You are welcome to speak during audience comments when the public is given an opportunity to address the Commission with any issues that are not on the agenda. Anyone wishing to speak during audience comments is asked to complete a Speaker Card and comments are limited to 3 minutes. ”

Patricia A. Teufel, Tamarac City Clerk informs us that, “The City of Tamarac does not do invocations at City Commission Meetings.”

Same thing with the City Clerk of Cooper City, Susan Poling, who notes, “The City of Cooper City does not include an invocation as part of the Commission Meetings.”

On the other hand, Patricia Vancheri, City Clerk for North Lauderdale informs us, “[they have} received our request and have forwarded it to our City Attorney.”

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